Clint Eastwood joined Sean Hannity tonight for an exclusive interview. The Oscar winner, who has endorsed Mitt Romney, revealed how he became involved in the Republican National Convention. Rather than delivering a scripted speech, he said he just wanted to speak from the heart and touch on subjects that the average citizen wonders about.

As someone who was born at the start of the Great Depression, Eastwood said during that time there was very little federal assistance for people. He warned that with the unrealistic thinking people have about money nowadays, “The debt situation is going to kill us. We are going to go over a fiscal cliff, and when it happens, we’re going to be all very surprised.”

Regarding the economy, Eastwood says, “I think it’s time that we just start listening to what

our parents taught us when we were very young – that you live within your means.”

Another point the actor stressed during the RNC is that not everyone in Hollywood is a liberal. He said tonight, “I just wanted Americans to also feel good about themselves; they don’t feel like they have to vote for somebody because it’s a fashionable thing to do.

He told viewers, “Vote for somebody who does the job, who rolls up their sleeves and goes to work every day. I don’t like to see a president who is just out campaigning all year long or for the last four years. I’d like to see somebody who’s going in the office. In fact, I’d like to not see them because that way you’d be sure that they’d be working.”

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Eastwood listed reasons why he thinks Romney is the “perfect guy” for the job. While the actor doesn’t have anything against President Obama or his administration, he admits to feeling “very resentful” about the situation in Benghazi, Libya where the U.S. Consulate was attacked.

He said that Americans deserve straightforward talk, but “when you have political campaigns, naturally people are insulting one side or the other. But some of it’s really kind of gone to extremes. I mean, accusing one side of killing people and all that sort of thing.”

Eastwood didn’t hold back when it came to what he thought about President Obama’s performance during the second debate, saying, “When you start overreacting too, that’s usually a good sign that you’re overselling the point. If you’re really satisfied with your position on something, you just say ‘hey,’ you just very calmly present something. But if you get in a tizzy over it, then all of a sudden you go, ‘Okay, I’m suspicious here.’ Maybe that’s just a cynical side, but I just, I’ve seen it too often in life.”

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