The father of one of the two former Navy SEALs killed in the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi, Libya, is now speaking out about a meeting he had with President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the days following his son's death.

Charles Woods, father of 41-year-old Tyrone Woods, said on the Lars Larson radio show that both Obama and Clinton expressed their condolences to him at Andrews Air Force Base when the bodies of the four slain Americans returned home Sept. 14. But he said neither seemed sincere, adding that the whole situation seemed "fishy" at the time.

"(Obama) kind of just mumbled 'I'm sorry.' His face was looking at me but his eyes were looking over my shoulder, like he could not look me in the eye. It was not a sincere 'I'm sorry,' ... and now it's coming out that apparently the White House Situation Room was watching our people die as this was happening," Woods recalled.

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  • He continued on his meeting with Secretary of State Clinton.

    "She did not appear to be one bit sincere at all," Woods said, recalling that Clinton told him they were going to have the person who made the anti-Islam YouTube video "arrested and prosecuted."

    Watch part of the radio interview, which aired this afternoon on America Live:

    Megyn Kelly then spoke to radio host Lars Larson, who said that Woods called in to the show unannounced, feeling that he needed to speak out about the incident following recent revelations about the Obama administration's response.

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    He said Charles Woods did not seem angry, rather he seemed "puzzled" about why more was not done to help his son, Ambassador Chris Stevens and two other Americans.