A public school gym teacher is suing after he claims a first-grader beat him up. The teacher, John Webster, tips the scales at 220 pounds while the student, Rodrigo Carpio, weighs in at 50 pounds. Now, the teacher says that he should be compensated for the extreme emotional distress he suffered as a result.

In his own words, Webster described what happened when he chided six-year-old over horseplay with other students, causing the boy to go on a violent rampage. Webster said that he wasn’t trying

to restrain the boy too tightly because he didn’t want to leave bruises. He allegedly suffered a fractured ankle and injuries to his knee, in addition to emotional distress which he feels the city should pay for.

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Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl reported that the principal and a student aide were also kicked by the same little boy. Wiehl defended Webster on Kelly’s Court, saying, “He didn’t want to hurt the kid. He could’ve obviously beaten him up, […] and then he would’ve lost his teaching certificate.”

Former prosecutor Mark Eiglarsh wasn’t buying it. “I have a six-year-old and yes, he can be tough. But let me just tell you something, three people got attacked by this kid. I’m not saying he’s angel, but none of them took the extraordinary recourse to initiate suit.”

Watch the teacher describe the ordeal and the Kelly’s Court debate, below:

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