Mitt Romney's "rock," his wife Ann Romney, joined Martha MacCallum this morning to give her reaction to the latest poll numbers, her husband's performance on debate night, and critics' claims he was dishonest during the forum.

For Mrs. Romney, the debate couldn't have gone much better than it did. "I've been waiting for a very, very long time for people to see my husband ... like I see him, and I think people got a chance to do that ... that's what they saw in the debate."

She went on to hit back

against critics of her husband, including the mainstream media. "He's been so mischaracterized, and I [...] feel like unfairly treated by the media ... for me, it was a chance for people to see him unfiltered, to listen with their ears, to see with their eyes, and think, this is a good guy," she said.

Ann Romney's political intuitions aren't too shabby, either, as she says she knew immediately once the debate began that her husband was on point.

"I knew; I knew right away. I knew after the first question. I turned to my son after the first 50 minutes and said, 'it's 100 to zero right now.'"

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