Outrage is continuing to stream in after actress Stacey Dash, best known for her role in the hit movie "Clueless," tweeted last night her support for Mitt Romney. She received an onslaught of vicious messages following her tweet, including some telling her she 'isn't black enough' and another claiming: "You're an unemployed black woman endorsing Mitt Romney - you're voting against yourself, you poor beautiful idiot."

Megyn Kelly shared some of the responses to Dash today during America Live, telling guest Ann Coulter that those were some of the only ones she could read on air. Coulter didn't mince words in responding to the attack on Dash.

"I really admire right-wingers in Hollywood ... but there is

no one braver in the world than a black conservative ... what they go through ... just vicious, actually racist attacks..."

Coulter went on to cite such attacks as being partly responsible for a lack of a stronger black presence in the Republican Party.

"After putting black conservatives through this vicious hazing process, liberals turn around and taunt Republicans for not having more blacks in our party. Well, maybe if you'd stop harassing them, they might look and say, 'Oh, Republicans have a lot of ideas I like...'"

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