This story is truly horrifying.

The parents of 10-year-old Hope Holcomb, an Ohio girl who suffers from cerebral palsy, say that she has been cruelly bullied by a neighborhood child and his father!

In an incident caught on tape, the father and son are seen apparently imitating Holcomb’s limp as they walk from the school bus. According to Holcomb’s parents, the two did this every day. Hope says she pleaded with them to stop, saying, “Try to be nice.”

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“It makes me sick to think that grown man would tease a 10-year-old disabled girl that has never done a thing,” Hope's father said.

Vickie Bailey, the wife and mother of the alleged bullies, said, “It was no offense to Hope, so why they’re taking it as that, I have no idea.”

The father seen in the video mocking the girl, William Bailey, had a less than honorable defense for his actions:

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