A Philadelphia high school honor student was ordered by her teacher to get out of the classroom when she entered wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt on a casual dress day.

The school has confirmed that the student, Samantha Pawlucy, was not at fault in the incident, in which her Obama-supporting teacher gave the youngster a crash course in partisan politics.

"I came in, and [my teacher] said, 'Are you wearing a Mitt Romney shirt?' She pointed and said, 'Get out of the class.' And I said, 'no.'"

Samantha says her

teacher went on to tell her that she couldn't wear 'a Republican shirt in a Democratic school.'

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"She took a red marker drew on it, and then she told me to take off my shirt and she would give me a different one," she said.

The exchange led to critical comments from both classmates and the janitor. Now, Pawlucy's parents are outraged and calling for the teacher's dismissal. While she's been taken out of the classroom temporarily, they say they want her removal to be permanent.