A Pennsylvania judge struck down a portion of a voter ID law, making it so that voters do not have to show ID when casting their ballots in the presidential election. Judge Andrew Napolitano reminded viewers that Pennsylvania has a history of voter fraud. Mandating that people have to have a government-issued ID to vote was an effort by the legislature to prevent future fraud.

To help with the process, hundreds of places were set up where people could obtain their IDs for free. Napolitano said that if Pennsylvania permits voter fraud, then it is diluting

its obligation to grant people the right to vote.

When the case was sent back to a trial judge, he ruled against the law out of concern that people would not have enough time to get IDs before Election Day. Voting officials are permitted to ask people for ID, but they don’t have to show one. Napolitano said this is a “silly” compromise, and added that the bottom line is, “voter fraud issues in Pennsylvania are not going to be addressed this year as the legislature wanted them to be addressed.”