Tomorrow, Neil Cavuto's hitting the road for the all-important first presidential debate. Don't miss his special coverage, starting at 4p ET on Fox News Channel's Your World. Then, at 8p ET, tune in to Fox Business Network for smart analysis of the BIG event!

Check out the big names joining Neil:

Your World, tomorrow at 4p ET:
Rudy Giuliani
Rep. Allen West (R-FL)

Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)
Former VA Gov Douglas Wilder (D)
Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants

Fox Business Network, tomorrow starting at 8p ET:
Former Senator and former Obama Debt Commission Chair Alan Simpson
Bernie Marcus, Home Depot Co-Founder
Tom Stemberg, Staples Co-Founder
Ed Rensi, former McDonald’s USA CEO
Allen Questrom, Former JC Penney Chairman and CEO
Antonio Villaraigosa, Obama campaign national co-chair and LA Mayor (D)
Sarah Palin, Former 2008 GOP VP nominee
Steve Odland, Former Office Depot CEO