Obamacare could head back to the Supreme Court for a challenge to the health care law on religious grounds. The case stems from Liberty University - a private, Christian school- arguing that they should not have to provide health care policies that cover procedures like abortion or birth control.

A federal appeals court had

declined to hear the arguments, but the Supreme Court has now ordered the court to hear the case. So, the Supreme Court could have its say on the matter next year.

Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the case could lead to a different decision from the Supreme Court than the first time, when the court upheld the individual mandate.

"Just a guess - knowing the justices and having studied this more years than I'd like to think - that perhaps the Supreme Court is going to come up with a different outcome this time around. Remember, it only upheld three or four parts of the statute, there are many, many other parts of the statute that it could still look at," the judge said.

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