When did mother knows best become government knows best? That’s the question being asked after the Department of Agriculture decided its school lunch menu is so great that parents need to serve it to their children at home. Is this guideline another case of government overstepping its boundaries? Judge Andrew Napolitano says not only is this overstepping, it’s unconstitutional.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has often been referred to as “Nanny Bloomberg” for trying to regulate what was usually considered private behavior. Now the USDA is recommending what parents should put on their dinner tables. Judge Napolitano told Neil Cavuto, “The government gets its powers, all of its power, from the consent of the governed. We have never consented

to allow any government to tell us what to eat in our homes.”

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He said the USDA is taking its authority to regulate the movement of food and interstate commerce and claiming that it somehow has the authority to regulate food on our tables. The judge said it’s unconstitutional, unfair, unlawful and against the laws of nature.

Find out how the government could begin to police this food guideline:

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