Fox News correspondent Eric Shawn reported that a judge has ruled to temporarily block Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. The law would have required voters to show voter identification before casting their ballots on Election Day.

Both those who oppose and support the voter ID law can find a victory in this ruling. Judge Robert Simpson ruled that the law will stand and poll workers can still ask for voter ID but

people do not have to show it. He blocked the part of the law that requires people who don’t have ID to send their votes in through a provisional ballot and then provide documentation proving their identity within 60 days. Simpson feared that requirement may discourage voters who could not come up with the voter ID.

Simpson wrote, “I question whether sufficient time now remains, I expected more photo IDs to have been issued by this time. For this reason, I accept petitioners’ arguments that the remaining five weeks before the general election, the gap between the photo IDs issue and the estimated need will not be closed.”

The NAACP applauded the ruling, saying however, that they hope workers do not wrongly enforce the law in November. Pennsylvania’s Deputy Secretary of State Shannon Royer said, “We are pleased today’s court decision upholds Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. Under today’s ruling, voter ID will be implemented on a different timeframe.”