American Airlines has grounded at least eight planes after reports of loose seats. This news comes amid accusations of sabotage by none other than their employees. The airline confirms three incidents within the past week in which rows of seats came loose from the floors.

A year after filing for bankruptcy, the company is currently stuck in contract negotiations with the union representing its pilots. One airline official sent an email to the union saying that there was evidence that some pilots were deliberately

trying to damage the company by delaying departures or moving the planes too slowly.

Today, a spokeswoman for American Airlines denied any sabotage attempts linked to the loose seats. In a statement, the airline said, “We’re working very diligently to gather all the facts related to our 757 seats issue.”

To weigh in on this from a public relations standpoint, PR consultant Fraser Seitel said on Studio B, “This is a good way not only to lose your reputation, but to lose your company.”

Trace Gallagher added, “It's very serious because even if this is not sabotage … it’s sloppiness on the part of the maintenance workers. And when you talk about airplanes at 35,000 feet, sloppiness is every bit as dangerous as sabotage.”