Election officials in the battleground state of Florida say they have received some questionable registration forms submitted on behalf the Republican Party. Voter registration fraud in 2008 led to the demise of ACORN, and as the 2012 presidential election approaches, fraud is suspected at a consulting firm working for the Republican Party. Fox News’ Eric Shawn found that 10 counties in Florida are reporting a possible problem.

The firm, Strategic Allied Consulting, has been fired by the Republican National Committee after over 100 hundred allegedly fraudulent signatures appeared in Palm Beach County. The company is pointing blame at one employee and released the following statement: “We were able to identify that the cards in question were all the work of one individual […] we are very proud of our work product. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the issue of fraud seriously. When someone commits voter fraud, it is an affront to everyone living in this country.”

Seminole County supervisor of elections, Michael Ertel told Fox News that this kind of negativity could hurt

voter turnout. He said, “It causes voters to think that the system is not working. Well, the system is working. It’s people outside the system coming into it and trying to profit from it.”

Shawn reported that the man who allegedly turned in the questionable forms claims he did nothing wrong. He told the Sun Sentinel newspaper that some of the wrong information may have come from people playing a joke and says he even registered intoxicated people in bars.