In a conference call on Tuesday morning, it's being reported that the Highest Ranking Democrat in the Senate -- Harry Reid -- took on the issue of his shared Mormon faith with Mitt Romney, saying the former governor had "sullied the faith" and that he "is not the face of Mormonism."

Pollster Frank Luntz gave his unmitigated reaction on America Live with Megyn Kelly, repeatedly saying that he simply couldn't understand the remarks and that he hoped they would end up being unsubstantiated.

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"I hope he says he was misquoted ... this would be a new low in this campaign, and I know Harry Reid, and

I just want to say that I hope he didn't say it..."

However, if it is confirmed to be true, Luntz says it won't resonate with the American people.

"Can you imagine the reaction if this had happened within Catholics or Jews ... it's usually that anyone who brings up religion is doing so to make a political point, which the American people resent."

Luntz continued, saying if the shoe was on the other foot, the public wouldn't stand for such a comment. "If you had a top Romney surrogate going out and saying Obama had sullied the Christian faith ... that person would be fired, that person would be fired within 60 seconds."

The personal element to the attack is what Luntz called most disturbing. "[Romney's] a great father, a great husband, as is Barack Obama, and the idea that you would launch something so hideous and so deliberately divisive this close to the election - Megyn, I don't understand it, and the American people will see through it."

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