On last night's 'Hannity,' author Ann Coulter took on a subject that Sean called one which "conservatives rarely want to bring up" - race.

Coulter, however, dug into it on the show, just as she does in her latest book - 'Mugged.' Coulter recounted some of the most notable political speeches and remarks made since the 1970s which she says served to further perpetuate the "lie" of racism in America.

According to Hannity, the use of the "race card" in tying Republicans and conservatives to racism has been largely "effective" -- a notion Coulter emphatically agreed with. "Yes, because Democrats are demagogues - they are always appealing to a mob, ginning people up with{C}

lies and anger," she said, later adding on the issue of racism in the U.S., "It's a lie hoisted on America by white liberals, not black people."

Hannity said the 2012 election cycle has included a narrative in which not voting for Obama, belonging to the Tea Party, opposing Obamacare, supporting voter ID laws and more mean being termed a racist. "Whites being bullied by racism [from] white liberals ... has never led to anything good. White guilt has produced mistake after mistake, including the 2008 election, when more whites voted for Obama than had voted for a Democrat in a decade." Watch Ann Coulter's interview on 'Hannity':

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