It turns out using a paddle to punish students is not ancient history. A male school administrator is being questioned after he spanked a 15-year-old female student. Taylor Santos allegedly was caught letting another student copy her homework at Springtown High School. The school district near Fort Worth, Texas allows corporal punishment, so instead of the two-day suspension, Santos opted for the paddle.

Parents can decide whether they want this punishment used on their children, but in this case, the mother agreed if it was okay with her daughter. The rule is that only a teacher or administrator of the same sex can allow the spanking.

According to her mom, the male vice principal hit Santos until her backside was “fire-engine red with burns

and blisters." Santos' mom said on ABC’s Good Morning America, “Men are too big and strong to be hitting 96 pound girls.”

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Another female student was reportedly paddled by the same male vice principal. This student was a grade older and both girls have proof of their marks. The other student’s mother said on GMA, “A swat is a swat, yes it is, and they do sting. But to bruise a child? […] Two men giving her a swat behind closed doors -- that is creepy.”

Both moms call this “legalized child abuse” and say that if they did that to their own daughters, child protective services would be on their doorsteps. Trace Gallagher reports that 31 states have abolished corporal punishment, but 19 states still allow it. The Supreme Court says it’s legal unless local authorities outlaw it.

While these particular cases raise many concerns, the issue being raised by the superintendent is whether Springtown should change the rule to allow male faculty to hit female students with a paddle.

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