Obama senior campaign adviser, Robert Gibbs, sat down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Wallace interviewed the United States ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, just last week. She said in the interview that according to the best information they had, the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was not pre-planned. Since then, there has been more evidence proving that this was a planned attack with ties to Al Qaeda. Wallace pointedly asked Gibbs why the ambassador gave the American people bad information.

Gibbs defended, “As we have learned more and as this investigation continues, I anticipate we will continue

to learn more facts about the awful assassination, murder of our great ambassador in Libya. You saw the White House say this was a terror attack.”

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Wallace pressed on, saying that he specifically asked Amb. Rice about the president of Libya who was saying at the time that the attack was pre-planned, and Al Qaeda which was claiming it was revenge for the killing of a top Al Qaeda leader. She specifically stated that it was a spontaneous attack that was not premeditated and a result of the protests in Cairo due to outrage from an anti-Islamic film.

Gibbs maintained that Amb. Rice answered based on what she knew at the time. He said, “No one intentionally or unintentionally misled anybody involved in this. Absolutely not […] We learn more every single day about what happened.”

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World leaders will gather this week in New York at the United Nations General Assembly, but President Obama will not be holding any private meetings with any of them. Wallace asked, “The president has blocked out time to appear on The View on Tuesday. So he has time for Whoopi Goldberg, but he doesn’t have time for world leaders?”

Gibbs cited President Obama’s scheduling conflicts and added, “Chris, they have telephones in the White House. Last week he talked to the president of Egypt, he talked to the leader in Libya. We don’t need a meeting in Washington just to confer with leaders. […] The president’s actively involved and engaged in the most dangerous place in the world every single day of the week.”

Watch the full interview below: