Wednesday, Fox and Friends told you about a Texas mother thrown in jail for negligence after she let her children ride their scooters outside her home. Tammy Cooper was not only arrested, but was forced to spend a night in jail.

She joined Fox and Friends this morning to tell her story. According to Cooper, she sat in a lawn chair on the sidewalk in front of her home while her children rode their scooters for an hour and a half. Thirty minutes after the family went inside and the children started getting ready for bed, Cooper saw a policeman in her driveway. It turns out that a neighbor had called the police, and Cooper was arrested for child endangerment.

Cooper was stunned, saying, “I didn’t know what to think. My first response was, ‘Me? Why?’”

She’s now suing the city for the $10,000 she’s spent trying to clear her name.

When asked why she believes this whole situation happened, Cooper said, “I think it was a nosy neighbor trying to parent someone else’s children.” She believes the neighbor was exacting revenge for previous issues between them.

The city of La Porte, Texas has said, “If served with this lawsuit, the City will respond in accordance with the applicable rules of law. I would be pleased to provide a detailed statement to you about the facts after the litigation is concluded.”

Cooper reacted, saying, “I couldn’t believe that the officer on the scene did not use better judgment, and could not look at the situation he was faced with and go strictly off of … the word that he got from my neighbor.”