The pizza shop owner who enthusiastically lifted up the president over the weekend says he’s now facing a boycott. Scott Van Duzer is a registered Republican who publicly supported President Obama. He claims that he’s facing a boycott for voicing that support. President Obama went into Big Apple Pizza and Pasta during a campaign stop in Florida because Van Duzer had started a foundation that raises awareness for blood donations and he also is heavily involved with the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Trace Gallagher reports that it’s unclear whether the pizza shop is actually facing a boycott, but it is facing backlash on the review website, Yelp. One person wrote

on the site, “I will only return if/when he pile drives Obama into the floor the next chance he has. He is not even close to being a Republican.”

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There are voices of support, including one person who wrote, “This pizza is awesome. I am glad to see that not every Republican is a Romney Robot sticking to their political party.”

Van Duzer continues to make political statements, with his more recent comment that President Obama could beat GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan in a workout battle.