In Ohio, a dispute over early voting could be headed for an emergency review by the state Supreme Court. This comes after the Ohio attorney general appealed a ruling that orders the state to restore early voting to everyone. In Pennsylvania, the voter ID law will go to state Supreme Court after a decision to uphold that requirement was appealed.

How will this affect the fast-approaching presidential election? Fox News senior judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, broke down the issues at hand. He said that what’s happening here is a reaction to the proven voter fraud in these states, adding that, “It is likely, that in my view, that Pennsylvania’s law requiring a government issued ID, sort of like a driver’s license, will be upheld.”

The Obama team had challenged the decision

in Ohio to end early voting for everyone, instead of allowing early voting for only the military and those living overseas. Judge Napolitano suspects that regulations affecting when people can vote are going to go in favor of more time to vote rather than less.

Those who argue against voter ID laws point to the difficulty some may have obtaining a photo ID. For example, there could be a person who was born in Georgia 70 years ago who doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove that they are a citizen. Judge Napolitano countered that argument, noting that there was bipartisan support for states giving voter IDs for free because they have reason to believe that without them, vote tabulations won’t be accurate.