A possible tornado touched down in New York City, causing severe damage in a populated beachfront neighborhood. Video shows a massive funnel cloud in the Breezy Point section of Queens County. Large hail, powerful winds and lightning knocked down trees and power lines, and tossed around sand and debris.

Meteorologist Maria Molina reported that the National Weather Service will survey the damage to determine whether it was an actual twister according to the wind speed.

For now, watch the video and decide for yourself! Plus, get the full list of tornado watches and warnings.

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Update, 5:10p ET: The threat of severe weather stretched from the Carolinas to New England. That threat includes, tornadoes, flash flooding, lightning, strong winds, hail. The National Weather Service has confirmed that it was in fact a tornado that hit Queens, New York earlier today. In D.C. there were sightings of two possible tornadoes.