On tonight's Hannity, journalist Tom Brokaw sat down for a candid discussion on the state of politics and the media.

On what's driving voters in their reasoning on candidates across the spectrum, Brokaw said, "My impression is that there's a longing in this country for us to find a big idea to rally around."

Brokaw also discussed the responsibility

of consumers to discern news through sources with "integrity," after Hannity spoke about his love for the late Tim Russert, asking Brokaw if he believes journalism has changed for better or worse with the onslaught of more and more outlets.

"I actually think it's for the better," Brokaw said. "You can no longer be a couch potato. If you want to be a good news consumer, you've got to be aggressive ... and find what works for you." He added that the responsibility lies not only in finding what works for you, but also what has integrity.

"You've got to do some research."

Brokaw also weighed in on today's DNC headline, involving a vote on whether to re-add God and Jerusalem language to the Democratic platform.

"How that kind of thing happened is beyond me," Brokaw said of all the commotion. He compared it loosely to the "unscripted" nature of last week's RNC surprise guest, Clint Eastwood. "Just as I was a little puzzled last week when Clint Eastwood got on stage and started doing the riff that he was doing ... things can be scripted [only] up to a point."

When asked about the existence of a mainstream media bias, Brokaw said he doesn't believe "bias" is the correct word, even though of Fox News he said, "I think you have a bias to the right."

Watch his full remarks below: