What should Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan expect after the GOP convention is over? Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin joined America Live to weigh in, drawing on her past experiences from the 2008 election as the vice presidential nominee on the Republican ticket.

Palin said, “Things got ugly four years ago because the Obama lapdogs and the liberal media

will stop at nothing to make sure that their chosen one is elected, and Paul Ryan has got to be absolutely prepared as does Governor Romney.”

She noted that Romney does have experience in this area because he’s been on the campaign trail for five years. “He’s ready for what’s coming, for when the media starts trying to warp his record and his reputation. What [Romney and Ryan] need to do, though, is make sure that they have a clear path that’s articulated, a clear plan on how we’re going to turn this economy around.”

Hear more from Governor Palin below, including her thoughts on Paul Ryan's speech last night: