Steve Doocy reports that water has overtopped a levee in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana flooding homes in the area. There are reports of people being trapped in their homes.

Fox News Channel’s Anna Kooiman, who’s reporting live from Baton Rouge, tells us that according to the local Fox affiliate, at least three people have been rescued by emergency officials from a rooftop in the Plaquemines Parish area.

The Army Corps of Engineers says that all of their levees are intact; the one that was overtopped belonged to the parish.

8:00a ET Update: Jonathan Serrie just reported live from New Orleans on the overtopped levee in Plaquemines Parish, saying local authorities are going door-to-door to try to convince people to leave their homes. More than 400,000 are without power in Louisiana as Hurricane Isaac lashes the Gulf Coast with driving rain and wind gusts up to 100 mph. Forecasters predict up to 20 inches of rain in the hardest-hit areas.

10:00a ET Update: Dr. Rick Knabb, Director of the National Hurricane Center, joined Martha MacCallum on America Live with the latest details on the movement of Hurricane Isaac. He said Isaac is still moving very slowly through the Gulf Coast, producing 6-12 foot storm surges along the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts. Knabb said the flooding could be significant, as up to 20 inches of rain is expected to fall in some areas.

11:00a ET Update: Watch as Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan brings us the latest from the middle of waist-high flood waters in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

2:30p ET Update: Check out new video just in to America Live of authorities undertaking rescue operations along the Louisiana coast as Hurricane Isaac continues to pummel the area.

Stay tuned for updates on Isaac throughout the day!