Ohio Governor John Kasich praised Mitt Romney’s business and government leadership during his speech at the RNC on Tuesday night. He told the crowd:

“Mitt Romney has a history of being a great job creator. Secondly, he was a great governor. He went from billions of dollars in the hole when he became governor to billions of dollars in surplus when he left. And he went from the loss of tens of thousands jobs when he became governor to the creation of 40,000 new jobs when he left office. And he did it in ‘Taxachusetts’ of all places.”

When touting Romney’s accomplishments in Salt Lake City at the Winter Olympics, Gov. Kasich even took aim at the current vice president:

“Folks I want to tell you this, Joe Biden disputes a lot of those facts, but Joe Biden told me he was a good golfer – and I played golf with Joe Biden, I could tell you that’s not true as well as all the other things that he said.”