The Romney’s invited Fox News Sunday cameras to their vacation spot in New Hampshire, providing viewers with a first-hand look into how the couple, along with their children and grandchildren, lives. Chris Wallace got a taste of Ann Romney’s buttermilk pancakes and a feel for what it’s like to spend family time with them.

Mitt spoke highly of his wife’s ability to read people, saying, “She is really good at seeing things in ways others don’t see them, and being able to provide that openly to me and I value it very highly. She has been my best friend, obviously, and my counselor throughout my life.”

In the 1990s, Ann Romney gave money to Planned Parenthood. Wallace asked her what she thinks of her husband’s plan to cut off federal funding to the organization. Mrs. Romney said there will be cuts to many programs that people will not like. She said, “Well, I think it’s important that the distinction is made that it’s federal funding, it doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be a Planned Parenthood. He and Paul

are going to get to Washington and they are going to balance this budget.”

From their love for each other to their love of shopping at Costco, Mrs. Romney spoke about her husband’s compassion for her work as a mother and it being more important than his own. She said they are running to help those American families who are struggling to make ends meet. Mr. Romney told Wallace, “At the beginning, I just loved her. Now she’s much more than just the person I love, she’s also the person that I really live for.”