Sean Hannity sat down with Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan at a campaign stop in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Throughout the interview, he unloaded on the president’s economic policy and laid out his foreign policy credentials in the most forceful way since being announced as Mitt Romney’s running mate. Check out the full interview below.

Ryan revealed what really happened during the conversation when the presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney asked him to join the ticket. Ryan told Hannity, “It was one of the most moving conversations I’ve ever had with anybody. He told me where he thought the country was headed, how we got to get back on track, his life story, what is in his heart; and then he basically said you share my values and you have the kind of experience I’m going to need to help me fix this country’s problems.”

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The Wisconsin congressman criticized President Obama’s failed leadership and for misguiding the country toward a government-driven economy and society. Ryan said, “That doesn’t work.

Look at any other country that’s tried that agenda -- it’s failed. It’s failing in Europe; they’re in the middle of a debt crisis. And the problem we have is, all these empty promises the government makes to people become broken promises.”

Part I:

Ryan emphasized several times during the interview that the president’s plan for America is not the right one. He said, “All these tax increases the president’s promising, they go to more spending. You take all of the Obama tax increases, it doesn’t even pay for a fifth of the proposed deficit spending. It’s this belief -- take more from families, take more from entrepreneurs and successful small businesses, spend it in Washington on cronies, and have more and more regulation. It puts a chilling effect on job creation and economic growth.”

Part II:

Hannity asked Ryan to explain the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare in his own words. He answered, “The point we’ve been making all along is if you put reforms in place that kick in in 10 years for my generation, […] it gives us the ability to guarantee Medicare remains intact as it is now known for everybody who’s on Medicare, and everybody’s who’s within 10 years of going on Medicare. That way you don’t have to do all these things that President Obama is doing, all the cuts to services, the cuts to Medicare Advantage. Medicare itself is telling us one out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business because of Obamacare in the near future.

Part III:

Ryan described how his values fundamentally differ with President Obama's direction for the country. “When I was a kid growing up in Janesville, Wisconsin, just like anybody growing up in a middle income family, I washed dishes, I worked at McDonald’s, I worked landscaping jobs, I waited tables […] It never occurred to me that I was fixed in some station in life, that I had some limit to my life and my opportunity. I was an American pursuing my version of the American dream. What President Obama is doing, he’s dividing people in this country, he’s speaking to people as if they’re stuck in their current station in life and only the government is here to help them cope with it. It’s very dour, it’s very cynical. It’s not the American idea.”

Part IV:

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