Arizona Congressman Ben Quayle (R) joined Bill Hemmer to discuss what he witnessed on a trip last summer to Israel, where some House lawmakers swam in the Sea of Galilee. Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder has apologized after reports surfaced that he swam naked in the revered body of water during the trip. Quayle, however, said he witnessed no inappropriate behavior, explaining that he went into the Sea of Galilee

with the proper attire and took a small vile of water to use in his daughter's baptism.

Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, also accused his Republican primary opponent, Rep. Dave Schweikert, of intentionally lying about his role in the incident.

“I was in the water for 30 seconds at most,” Quayle said, adding he had a glass of wine at a dinner with his fellow legislators before swimming in the Sea. He maintains that he saw "no inappropriate or unusual behavior."