Author of “Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream,” Dinesh D’Souza argued on The O’Reilly Factor tonight that President Obama’s worldview for America is the cause of his failure as a president. He disagreed with the Newsweek article which outlined President Obama’s failures, due in part to his lack of experience.

D’Souza said, “See, I don’t think that’s it at all. I think that Obama actually has a very different goal for America than we often think. He wants to redistribute money away from Americans and toward the rest of the world. He wants to block oil drilling over here, but promote it in other countries. He wants America to have a smaller footprint in the world and specifically in the Middle East. So the point is, Obama’s often portrayed as getting results opposite to what he intends; whereas in my view, he intends the results he’s getting.”

This isn’t because President Obama hates America, says D’Souza, but rather it’s because “he subscribes to an ideology

that sees it as good for America to have a smaller economy, a more modest role in the world.”

He charged that the president isn’t just talking about Americans when referring to the one percent versus the 99 percent, but rather he is applying a global standard. D’Souza surmised, “Let’s remember that even middle class Americans, even poor Americans are rich by world standards. And that’s why I think Obama isn’t particularly concerned if money is redistributed away from them and toward people in Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai.”