Stressed out men have no use for the likes of Adriana Lima, according to a recent study which suggests that for such guys, "fleshier" women are more attractive.

Sex therapist Dr. Wendy Walsh told Stuart Varney, hosting Your World today, that it's only natural.

"They like women to carry a little more body fat, if you believe this study, and some people suggest it's linked to our anthropological past [...] maybe when those hunters were in a time of famine, they wanted to have a meaty woman to deposit their 'baby juice' in, so that their offspring would survive," she said.

A flinching Stuart Varney then

asked Walsh to define "fleshy," the term used by the study in categorizing the preferred ladies.

"Nice full breasts that are soft and warm and a pizza-dough tummy are a wonderful place for a stressed out boy to cuddle in and get a sense of mommy," she said. Hmmm...

In essence, Walsh concluded, when times are stressed and money is tight, we tend to revert back to our "hunter-gatherer" reflexes.