An Oregon man was sentenced to 30 days in jail for collecting rain water on his own property because according to a decades-old law, the water belongs to the government.

On Fox and Friends, Gary Harrington spoke about the ponds he’s created to collect water, saying, “We’ve had these ponds for 37 years and they were designed and built for the purpose of water, fire protection […] Yet now, they want to drain them and put me in jail for it.”

According to the state, a law established in 1925 gives the water commission the rights to the water but according to Harrington, “This is big government getting greedy.”

Dominic Notter, legal adviser, who appeared with Harrington asked, “What’s next? We go out in winter time on Gary’s property and you open your mouth and catch a snowflake and the state’s going to say you’re the containment and that’s their water?”

Harrington further asked, “Are they going to start regulating our air that we breathe?