On last night’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said that far-left is trying to use the Colorado shooting massacre to promote gun control. Tonight, The O’Reilly Factor host welcomed Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R) to debate the issue. O’Reilly believes that in this age of terrorism, it’s important for Congress to pass a law that requires the sale of heavy weapons to be reported to the FBI.

Rep. Chaffetz disagrees with O’Reilly, telling him, “That’s absolutely not true. If you buy a fully automatic weapon, you have to go get a tax certificate from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in order to do that. You have to pass a fingerprint background check.”

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O’Reilly countered, “You can buy an AK-47 in this country and no federal agency will know you buy it. And as the guy in Colorado proved, you can buy a mass amount of ammunition on the Internet and nobody’s reporting it.”

He continued, “Here’s my deal and you tell me where I’m wrong. If you sell heavy weaponry – semi-automatics, automatics, ammunition -- all you do is you file with FBI and that way the FBI can cross-reference. All right, say the FBI has you on a terror watch list and then it comes in that you’re buying an AK, well the FBI’s going to put you under surveillance.”

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O’Reilly cited that the Colorado shooter bought 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet and if it had been reported to the FBI, then they would’ve been watching him. Chaffetz opposed that conclusion, saying, “You’re not going to have an FBI agent who is suddenly trailing everybody in this country who buys whatever your definition is a large number of pieces of ammunition.”

Chaffetz staunchly maintained that, “This is the Second Amendment. You have a lawful and reasonable right to be able to go out and purchase weapons and ammunition.” He charged to O’Reilly that he’s “totally misinformed” because there are laws on the books that requires the ATF to be notified and background checks are conducted in the sale of semi-automatic weapons.

O’Reilly answered, “Congressman, there are more loopholes in the gun purchasing laws in this country … This guy in Colorado got all this stuff and nobody knew about it.”