A lot of Americans start their day with a set of push-ups, but one Marine is going above and beyond for an organization called the Wounded Warrior Project. Sgt. Enrique Trevino will not stop doing push-ups until he makes it to a total of one million in one year. We're exhausted just thinking about that.

Earlier this morning, Sgt. Trevino joined Fox and Friends to describe why he decided to set this huge goal ... one that started as his New Year’s resolution. At first he tried to make the goal to do one million pushups in four months, but when he realized that was a little too zealous of a goal, he decided to change his time frame to one year.

When Trevino broke down the numbers, it ended up being an average of 2,372 push-ups a day that he'd need to hit the million mark. After a week into his goal, he decided that instead of just benefiting himself with the exercise, he wanted to give back to his brothers and sisters in the armed forces by raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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  • He is trying to raise at least $40,000 for wounded soldiers through donations; so far he’s made it to $25,798. As of last night, Trevino has done 531,025 push-ups.

    As a surprise, Steve Doocy challenged Trevino to go up against country star & retired vet Craig Morgan in a “push-off.”

    Find out how the singer stacks up against the Marine: