This morning, a videotaped message from President Obama played at the NAACP convention in Houston, Texas. The White House said that the president couldn't attend the convention personally because of a scheduling issue, and instead sent Vice President Joe Biden.

Several political writers have noticed that the president’s public schedule today appears to be completely empty, again raising the question about whether or not he's taking the African-American vote for granted in this election.

Reverend William Owens, president of the Coalition for African-American Pastors, joined America Live today to explain why he thinks the president is taking the African-American vote for granted. He said, “I think he thinks just because we’re black, we’re going to vote for him.”

“I think he’s taken us for granted,” Owens said. “I think with him announcing support of same-sex marriage is going to change the dynamic. I don’t believe it’s going to be the same.”

When it comes to voting for Mitt Romney or President Obama, he said, “Many [voters] said that they would stay home, but they will not cast a vote for Obama.”

“I think the president is making a serious mistake by taking the black vote for granted, and I think the NAACP has made a serious mistake by pandering to the president and endorsing same-sex marriage,” Owens concluded.