Some Republican members of Congress are saying that their Democratic counterparts are taking political tactics to a whole new level by taking video and photos of homes and families and posting them to the Internet. Two such congressmen are Reid Ribble (R-Wisc.) and Jim Renacci (R-Ohio), who told Megyn Kelly Monday that they expected they would be under public scrutiny due to their holding of public office. But, these latest invasions go too far.

"I think it crosses the line of just political decorum," said Ribble. "I think it's fair game for people to tape you when you're in a public event ... to see what you're saying

... but this type of video doesn't really do anything for them or for the political process, and quite frankly it really disturbed my wife; she was very concerned about her personal safety."
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But the questions is, how are the political opponents to such Republicans using the footage? Ribble said he's not sure what their goal is, but he has a hunch.

"I'm not certain, [other than] they're probably trying to maintain some type of narrative ... that I live in a very expensive home, which I don't - I live in a fairly modest home in a middle-class neighborhood..."

Renacci agreed, saying that he believes it's become an issue only because Democratic opponents don't have a record to run on.

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