It's three days and counting before the deadline by the FBI hits in which they've threatened to shut down your Internet connection. The agency believes they are doing Americans a favor.

Clayton Morris told Gretchen Carlson that this process started about a year ago when hackers decided to run a massive Internet advertising scam that was going to put malicious software on PCs around the world.

“Nearly a million folks in the United States had their computers inundated with this software so that they could drive up advertising rates on different websites. The FBI stepped in, stopped that from happening, made these arrests and kept you, your Internet, up and running for the last year."

Morris said that the bottom line here is that by Monday if you haven’t updated your software, you could literally be offline and not be able to get on the Internet. If this happens, he said, “You have to call your local Internet service provider and they are going to have to walk you through step by step to try and get this taken care of, and you won’t have the Internet to be able to do it.”

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He continued, “We should be thanking the FBI for what they did for the last year, because they put these servers in at the last second to keep you online.”

To check if your computer is infected, log onto to get more information.