Tomas Lopez's story might sound perplexing. Lopez was recently fired from his lifeguard position because ... he rescued a drowning man? Reportedly, the lifeguard was not supposed to attend to anyone who is out of the beach zone his company is paid to patrol. Although the company's policy was always known, many are asking whether or not this is a fair policy and if he should’ve been fired.

Update: Lifeguard Fired After Helping to Save Drowning Man Will Be Offered His Job Back, According to Boss

Lopez joined Fox and Friends this morning to share his story. Although he was told he had to stay at his post and couldn’t go to another area to save someone, he said, “A lot of guys were yelling at me, screaming to

'go, someone’s drowning; just go.' So, I just started running, and I kept running until I found the person being dragged up out of the water, and I jumped in and grabbed them. I just went.”

He continued, “On that day we had three guards; there’s usually two or three guards and we had three guards that day. Each post I would say is about 100 yards apart, maybe a little more. I was at the most south tower. After that, about another 100 yards is the end of our jurisdiction. Anything after that is unguarded beach.”

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Since the save, Lopez has heard that the victim is doing well and recovering.

The company that fired him, Jeff Ellis & Associates, issued a preliminary statement, saying, "Before making any official statement, we are trying to get in touch with Tomas & everyone else who has quit because of this. We want to hear everyone's story before determining the right course of action. We are concerned with the safety of our beachgoers, as well as the safety of our staff. After interviewing everyone, if we find there was any problem with our decision making ... we will try to right any wrongs.”

When Lopez was asked if he’d do it again, he responded, “Of course.”