Despite yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down much of Arizona’s immigration Law, Governor Jan Brewer is still vowing to enforce one crucial part of the law that the court upheld, the rule that allows officers to check a person’s immigration status.

With the Obama administration effectively vowing to ignore that measure, what is exactly left of the law?

Earlier on Fox and Friends, Judge Andrew Napolitano responded, saying that he doesn’t think that Brewer is right to enforce the measure, but acknowledged, “In all fairness to her, she is obviously looking for how much water is left in the glass rather than how much has been poured out by the court.”

Since the Obama administration said they are not going to accept people from the Arizona police with immigration problems unless they are charged with a felony, Napolitano said, “Basically, what remains of the statute is just a gathering of statistics.”

He continued, “There’s even reference in the Supreme Court opinion to the discretion that federal authorities have when deciding how aggressively to enforce something, or when to pull back, and they’ve decided ‘We want to pull back so much, we’re not even going to give Arizona police information that up until yesterday we used to give them.’”

“If you think those executive orders are dangerous now, wait until he [President Obama] doesn’t have to face reelection again,” Napolitano concluded.