In a video that’s both heartbreaking and disturbing, a number of middle school students in Greece, NY can be seen bullying their 68-year-old school bus monitor, bringing her to tears with taunts like, “Karen, you’re fat. Dude, you’re so fat.” The insults continue to fly in the video, with the students saying, “You take up like the whole entire seat,” and “Oh my God, your glasses are foggy from your freakin’ sweat, you fat a**.”

The town’s police department will now decide whether charges will be filed in juvenile court against the four middle school students involved in the incident.

Karen Klein, the bus monitor at the center of it all, joined Fox and Friends this morning to tell her story.

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Klein said that the bullying has been going on for a while, but had never been as vicious as what was captured in the video. According to Klein, she took the bullying because she doesn’t like confrontation. “I didn’t want to do anything to hurt anybody. That wouldn’t have looked good either.”

She said throughout the children's assaults she restrained herself, and tried to pretend as though it wasn’t happening. “I have escaped a lot in my life, and I’m trying to let things go,” she said.

In a particularly harsh remark, one of the children claimed that Klein didn’t have a family because "they all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.” Klein’s son took his life 10 years ago. “I didn’t hear that part then … but it’s uncalled for, that’s for sure,” Klein said.

In discussing the punishment these children should face, Klein is adamant that she doesn’t think that they should go to jail for the incident. With that said, shockingly, she hasn’t received an apology from any of the students involved or their parents yet.

Thankfully, things may be looking up for Karen Klein.

One website is raising donations to send her on the vacation of a lifetime, raising $125,000 thus far. A moved Klein remarked, “It’s unbelievable … it’s wonderful. I would like to thank all these people, but it’s really not possible when they do it through Facebook. I just want to make a general statement – thank you everybody so much for your support! I really appreciate it. And it’s not just money, it’s the people themselves that I appreciate.”

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