The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the health care law by the end of this month, and both Democrats and Republicans are speculating about how bad the fallout will be for President Obama if the court decides to overturn the law. Fox News contributor and Republican strategist Karl Rove thinks that what’s critical is how the president reacts to the ruling.

Rove wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, “The president could pivot to the center and regain some of the high ground he occupied in his 2008 campaign … Now it is the responsibility of the Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives to come together and provide access to coverage. And the president could offer proposals to do that.”

On The Five, host Dana Perino said, “In many ways,

whatever happens in the Supreme Court on that day, the health care battle has just begun.” She agreed with Rove that how both parties react to the ruling will be important in helping solve the problem and also be important politically.

She speculated, “I do think that it is going to lose and I’ll tell you why. This past weekend, Justice Ginsburg … and something a little bit unusual, in public comments said, to expect sharp disagreements when the decision comes out. To me, that means it’s either a 6-3 or a 5-4 decision against Obamacare, and I don’t know if that means that the whole thing will be overturned or they’ll try to split it.”