It’s the story that’s made headlines across the country – a 23-year-old father in Texas admits to beating a man to death whom he claims was molesting his four-year old daughter.

Rick Folbaum recounted the details of the story saying that the alleged molester was reportedly an acquaintance of the father and was helping him take care of some horses on the property. The young girl and her brother were helping their father by feeding chickens when the apparent attack took place. The little brother ran to tell his father, who upon finding the man reportedly molesting the little girl, beat him to death.

The girl was treated and released from a local hospital and the county prosecutor says that once the investigation is done, the case will be presented to a grand jury.

So, should this man face charges?

• Prosecutor Predicts Man Who Beat His 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Alleged Molester to Death Will Not Be Indicted

Former Prosecutor Joey Jackson called this a very sympathetic case. “Here’s a person who sees a four-year-old, his daughter, the love of his life, under attack. What is he going to do? What any father would do.”

He said that the grand jury will have to look at whether the beating was done in retaliation “or whether it was justifiable in that he was doing it to protect his daughter.”

Criminal Defense Attorney Doug Burns agreed, saying, “It’s a highly, highly defensible case with absolutely zero jury appeal because the person’s molesting his four-year-old daughter.” Burns also pointed out that the man called the authorities, has expressed tremendous remorse, had no intent to kill the person, and was defending his daughter.