Yesterday on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Eric Holder refused to appoint a special counsel to investigate the national security leaks. Ronald Machen, Jr. is one of the the U.S. attorneys who has been appointed by Holder. He also is a campaign donor to President Obama, contributing over $4,000 to the campaign. Sean Hannity asked Fox News Reporter Juan Williams to explain why an Obama donor who worked for Eric Holder should be appointed to this position.

Williams surmised that, “There is no conflict of interest … There is no law that says that prosecutors, lawyers, anybody in the country can’t give money.” Williams went on to point out that the second attorney appointed to head this investigation is Rod Rosenstein, who is a Republican.

Back in 2007, then-Senator Joe Biden called for a special counsel to be elected to handle the Bush administration investigation into the destruction of CIA interrogation tapes and the outing Valerie Plame as a covert operative. Hannity asked Fox News Contributor Michelle Malkin what she thought of an Obama donor being appointed and how it compares to the Valerie Plame case.

Malkin responded, “Only in Obama world do people like Juan Williams

not see the gobsmackingly naked and clear conflict of interest. Ronald Machen was not merely someone who had given thousands of dollars to Barack Obama, he owes his career, his very first job as a federal prosecutor to whom? Eric Holder.”

She continued, “So many victims of [Holder’s] politicization of the rule of law, warned that this is exactly what was going to happen. That Eric Holder would stand as the runner, the interference monger who would put politics and partisan interests above the national interest. And I find it completely shameful that the likes of all these Senate Democrats and Juan Williams can sit there hem-hawing and trying to rationalize their double standards between this and the Plame case.”

Hannity asked what foreign government would want to work with the United States as a spy, if top secret information is being leaked by the White House in order to “prop up the president.” Malkin pointed out that NY Times chief Washington correspondent David Sanger said that the White House did not stop him from publishing classified information. She said it was “clearly a strategic leak” to “fluff” the president’s feathers at the risk of national security.

Williams shot back at Malkin, saying, “I’ll tell you what Michelle, I’m a real reporter. I’m not a blogger out in the blogosphere somewhere … reporters go and talk to officials and that’s not classified. In a free society, we want to know what the government’s doing.”

Malkin answered back, "The American people are sick of the kind of snotty condescension from liberal elite journalists like Juan Williams who tell us that the rest of us are not doing our jobs.”