One New York school principal has banned a kindergarten class from singing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” at their graduation ceremony, and instead is allowing the five-year-olds to sing Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” The principal says that “God Bless the USA” is too grown up for the kids!

Luz Lozada, one of the parents upset by this move, joined Fox and Friends this morning and brought along her adorable kindergartener, Daniel Mitchell. Lozada said it’s been a confusing situation because “Justin Bieber’s song is for teenage love and that’s worse than singing ‘God Bless the USA.’”

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Lee Greenwood also spoke out on Fox and Friends saying that he believes that the principal’s own religious beliefs and her inability to salute the flag might be at the center of the case. In fact, the principal originally said that she was banning the song because she didn’t want to offend people of other cultures. Lozada said, “That was her first excuse. There’s a lot of multiple cultures in that school and that songs been sung plenty of times before.”

The interview took a turn for the cute when Daniel started belting out the words to “God Bless the USA.”