Two months ago, an IED explosion left Sgt. Travis Mills a quadruple-amputee. The life-altering event happened while the soldier -- also a husband and father -- was on his third deployment to Afghanistan. Now, there are major developments being made by Mills in his recovery. In personal video just released, we get a glimpse into Travis's life at home as he learns how to use his new prosthetic arm - a technologically advanced prosthetic that allows his hand to open and close, as well as rotate. He can even perform daddy-duty, shown in the footage feeding his young daughter, Chloe. Perhaps one of his greatest achievements yet in his recovery, however, occurred yesterday when Mills took his first steps on his "starter" prosthetic legs. It's safe to say that Mills is more than just an American hero -- he's also an inspiration. In case you missed it, last week Jenna Lee and Jon Scott spoke to him for the first time since the explosion that left him without his limbs ... and his positive attitude left us speechless. "I wish I didn't have a case of the mondays on April 10," he said, "but every {C}

now and then people have bad days at work, and my bad day had me come back to the states ... I don't like having my arms and legs gone, but with all the technology out there and everything they're doing for me, I'm going to be able to drive and walk - and I still have my money maker! I didn't get hit in the face!" Watch this amazing video: