Following a win in Tuesday's recall election, Gov. Scott Walker took the stage to thank supporters and discuss the future after a drawn-out political battle and election that many saw as a referendum on labor unions and government spending.

Walker began by thanking God for his "abundant grace," also thanking supporters for praying for him and his family.

The governor told the crowd that in times of crisis, what has "made America amazing" is that throughout history, there were men and women who stood up and decided that it was more

important to look out for the futures of their children and grandchildren rather than their own political futures. This, he said, was demonstrated by the state of Wisconsin by the "good and decent people" who stood "shoulder-to-shoulder and "arm-to-arm" with Wisconsin leaders.

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"Tonight we tell people ... all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions," he said.

Walker also said he talked to his Democrat rival, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and told him that the election is in the past and that tomorrow "it's time to move Wisconsin forward."

Finally, the governor said that his dedication to the state of Wisconsin applies to all its residents -- not just those who voted for him.

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"The most important reason I ran for governor and [am committed to work for everyone and anyone] in this state is because of the two young men standing on the stage behind me," Walker said, referring to his sons. "I believe that what inspires us in this state ... [the reason] we go to work and we work hard every single day is ... because we want our children to inherit a better life and community."

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