George Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked because of allegations that Zimmerman and his wife lied about their finances to get a lower bond. His defense attorney says it was a mistake and is seeking a new bond hearing.

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the fact that during his original bond hearing, Zimmerman’s wife failed to disclose information about money they had earned through a website soliciting donations. Napolitano said, “He’s being punished because of what his wife said. Now, the prosecution will say, ‘Well, he shouldn’t have sat there silently while the wife gave improper and incorrect information to the judge.’” The judge pointed out that because it’s a criminal case, Zimmerman never has to say anything.

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He said, “Bail should be revoked because of behavior of the defendant after bail has been granted, not because of some facts that came to light that the government should have known about before bail was granted.”

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