Tonight Sean Hannity welcomed David Limbaugh who wrote the book “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic.” Limbaugh told Hannity that President Obama is “so narcissistic that he still can’t accept responsibility for his own economic policies. You know he still blames George Bush after three years, now he’s talking about the American people being soft and lazy.”

Contrary to the president’s statements that the American people have lost their ambition and imagination, Limbaugh says that Americans are really scared to hire because of regulations. Limbaugh said, “People are at a standstill. But he doesn’t understand the profit motive.

He’s against profits … He thinks that you can hire just because you want to as a matter of volition even if you don’t have demand for the work.”

Limbaugh speculated that the president doesn’t believe in the Constitution. Hannity asked the author where he thinks that comes from. He responded, “I think that [President Obama] believes that in a more socialistic form of government that business cannot create jobs without the prompting of a federal government.”

He continued, “We need freedom, we need businesses to operate in a free environment with lower taxes, lower regulations so that they can do their thing. And he has no idea; he’s never met a payroll.”

Limbaugh said he fears that President Obama will create more debt and “we only have a two to three year window according to experts, if you listen to what Paul Ryan says … The future of the country turns on this election.”