Earlier this week, Bill Hemmer got a chance to meet with the Romney family in California to find out more about them and what has inspired Mitt Romney's run for president.

Romney opened up about his faith, saying, “I think people who are people of faith believe that there’s a purpose greater than themselves.

For me, there’s no question. I believe in a Heavenly Father, I believe in his Son Jesus Christ, I believe in the Holy Ghost. These are features that are part of many people’s faith in this country; other folks have differing views … That shapes my view.”

In 43 years of marriage, Mitt and Ann Romney claim that they have never had a serious argument. They told Bill Hemmer that there are certainly topics on which they disagree, but said they don’t yell or slam doors, adding that they “aren’t screamers.”

Ann admitted that there are some places where they disagree, but said that she wouldn’t name them. “I’m not the one running for president -- this guy is, and I completely support 90 percent of where Mitt is.”

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