This weekend, as the world celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary on the throne, join Martha MacCallum live from London with special coverage from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, starting Sunday at 10a ET.

By America’s Newsroom Host Martha MacCallum

People enter rehab with varying degrees of success.

The sad evidence of that was the loss of one of Britain’s own, the talented Amy Winehouse. But the public relations rehab of the royal family has been an astonishing success.

We’ve come a long, long way from the days of a gaunt Princess Diana’s shocking revelations that there were “three of us in this marriage” and the burning towers of Windsor that led the Queen to write off the year as an “annus horribilis.” And who can forget the young tipsy Prince Harry donning a swastika for a costume party. Or the - oh yes, I guess we have forgotten – antics of now un-royal, Sarah Ferguson.

In the days following Princess Diana’s tragic death, the story goes that it took a come-to-Jesus moment from Prime Minister Tony Blair to get the Queen to understand that she simply must come back to London and fly the flag at half-staff or risk losing the love of her people, perhaps forever.

Flash forward and we find a Queen on top of the world. Eighty-six-years-old, Queen Elizabeth is just a few years shy of becoming the longest-reigning monarch ever. Queen Victoria holds the record at 63 years.

QE2’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend celebrates 60 years on the throne. It’s quite an accomplishment. She started in June of 1953 at the age of just 26. At her coronation, she took a vow to serve her beloved country until death. An oath she will never break. It’s a role she feels she was ordained to carry out all the days of her life.

She is in good health. Her son has married his Camilla, and the people have more or less accepted them. Charles and Diana’s son and his wife have captured the hearts of the people. They are perhaps the most recognized couple in the world and are leading the royals into the future. They are hip, worldly, educated.

Both William and his brother Harry serve their country. William as a rescue helicopter pilot and Harry flew helicopters in combat in Afghanistan. Perhaps no one’s makeover has been more stunning and successful than Prince Harry’s. He recently accepted a humanitarian award in Washington, D.C., as Beltway insiders jumped to their feet to applaud his good works.

And Pippa is the entertaining Princess Margaret for a new generation.

Queen Elizabeth has much to be grateful for as she steps into this landmark weekend. After wrestling back the good name of her family through a combination of some herculean public relations and better luck, she will glide down the Thames, as all monarchs have before her, in all her glory.

A thousand ships will escort her, surrounded by her family and her subjects. She has lived life to the fullest, with all its joys and tragedies. Last year belonged to William and Kate. But this year is hers, a Diamond Jubilee and then her city hosts the Olympics in July. It’s beginning to look like 2012 will be an “annus felix” for Queen Elizabeth, who appears to have entered the stage of the fairy tale known as ‘happily ever after.’

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